Best And Worst Foods For Your Teeth

If I state that smiling face is counted as the level of confidence, then you won’t push me aside for any reason. There are some who consider teeth as symbols of one’s personality. So you need to keep them as apples of your eye.

Here the greatest concern is how to keep them healthy, neat and clean. How far brushing helps them remain healthy? According to some, brushing twice in a day is sufficient. But that is not the whole. There are methods of brushing and we need to brush our teeth properly. (Hope you know the way how to brush in the proper way.) Meanwhile there are some toothpaste manufacturers who say their product is the best. Any toothpaste is not perfect, neither this one nor the other. Leaving this to you, here we move further discussing best and worst foods for your teeth.

Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

When your teeth become a major concern for you, your life will be on a line between the two kinds of foods that you can take in and/or abstain. The dishes made of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables are all good for your teeth’s health. They provide lots of calcium and phosphorous which remain important for the health of your teeth.

Worst foods you need to abstain from

The lists of foods that are harmful to your teeth are plenty in number. According to the American Dental Association there are nine food items that may kill your teeth among which candy is the most harmful. Similarly despite the fact that cavities are preventable, still over 90 % of adults are suffering from cavity related issues. Surely the cavity occurs only as a result when food crumbs stick on our teeth. It means proper brushing could prevent cavities but definitely brushing is not as effective as avoiding these kinds of foods.

In short, when you take in lots of healthy foods try also to avoid those foods which are harmful. These two are really important for making your teeth healthy. Whether you take in good food or avoid bad foods, keeping them clean is more important for a healthy smile on your face.